Lands For Sale in Mazatlan

Lands For Sale in Mazatlan
$ 98,611,800 MXN

$ 6,000 MXN x m2

Land: 16,435.3 m2

Front: 95.55 mts. Background:172.01 mts.

Rafael Buelna



Land Sales in Mazatlan | Commercial Land Mazatlan.

Land For Sale in Mazatlan | Tibesa Real Estate offers you this Commercial Land in Mazatlán, for real estate development, for commercial or mixed use Commercial, Housing and offices in Mazatlán, Attention Investors, Construction Companies, Commercial Plazas, Schools, Gas Stations, Real Estate Developers, Land in Mazatlán, Sinaloa, between Carretera Internacional and Rafael Buelna, excellent commercial land, magnificent location. Land for sale in Mazatlán. of 20,000 m2, ideal for the development of a Commercial Center in Mazatlan, or for Mixed Commercial-residential use, an area with a lot of traffic, very good investment, for commercial developers, Investors, making a combination of investment in capital goods, such as cash flow of cash.



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Address: Rafael Buelna