Premier Motel Mazatlan Venadillo

Premier Motel Mazatlan Venadillo
$ 65,000,000 MXN

$ 13,000 MXN x m2

Land: 5,000 m2

Front: 100 mts. Background:100 mts.

No. Rooms: No. Bathrooms: Levels:

Ejido el Venadillo, Carretera Internacional



Motel Ventas Mazatlan | Motel For Sale in Mazatlán.

Motel For Sale Mazatlan | Mazatlan Motel, Excellent Investment Opportunity in Mazatlan, New Motel for sale with 48 individual rooms. -37 Junior Suites-11 Master Suites


Located in the Venadillo de Mazatlán, Take advantage of this investment opportunity, excellent cash flow in this type of business, all year round it is a generator of liquids, in front of the International highway in Mazatlán, exit to Culiacan, by free highway. almost in front of the pantheon eternus.


Take advantage of a Magnificent Investment Opportunity at Motel Mazatlan.


Business Line with magnificent cash flow, take advantage of the investment opportunity in Motel in Mazatlan, in this real estate purchase you acquire capital gains and in addition to its good cash flow, a magnificent real estate investment opportunity.



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Address: Ejido el Venadillo, Carretera Internacional