Apartments for sale

An apartment is a dwelling unit comprising one or more rooms designed to provide complete facilities for an individual or a small family. The main differences between this type of housing and others, lies in the surface it occupies, usually less than the previous ones and its possible use, on vacation or temporary occasions. An apartment building is an excellent solution for individuals or families who require accessible housing, either for permanent residence or for vacation, as its characteristics allow better care of resources. The concept is based on the common use of circulation areas, both vertical and horizontal. Also in the complementary installations of water, drainage and electricity. Better service and economy can be obtained. The collective solution of an apartment building allows to have common elements, such as garages, utility rooms, laundry rooms, clotheslines, spaces for children's games, etc.


Mazatlan Beachfront Condo CENTRAL 102 TOWER

$ 4,700,000 MXN

Address: Av. del mar 1800

For sale Phenthouse Mazatlan, Las Gavias Condominiums

$ 550,000 USD

Domicilio: Avenida del Mar

Condominios en Ventas Mazatlan Frente Marina

$ 2,650,000 MXN

Address: Avenida del Mar

Apartments for Sale Why invest?

Investing in the acquisition of one or more apartments is an excellent initiative, since in addition to being a great living option, it can become a source of income. Let us remember that 35% of Mexicans live in rental properties, which means that we are facing a genuine business opportunity.

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