Warehouses in Mexico

Warehouses are very useful storage spaces where a person or a family can store various items. The sale or rental of warehouses are excellent options so that you can have a safe place where your precious goods that at home can cause inconvenience due to lack of space, are well protected.

Why Invest in Warehouses in Mexico?

On other occasions, the rental of warehouses in Mexico also serves businessmen who are looking for a space to store, categorize, protect and control the assets of their company, as well as to control the entry and exit of goods.

Warehouse for sale Mazatlan Front Rod International

$ 60,000,000 MXN

Address: Internacional México 15 SN-S

Warehouse Rentals in Mazatlan in El Venadillo

$ 8,000 MXN

Address: Carretera Internacional Culiacan

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If you are interested in renting warehouses for your family or for your business, at Tibesa Realty we have the best options on the market for all kinds of needs, contact us and we will gladly advise you.