Warehouse Rentals in Mazatlan in El Venadillo

Warehouse Rentals in Mazatlan in El Venadillo
$ 8,000 MXN

$ 71.429 MXN x m2

Land: 112 m2

Front: 8 mts. Background:14 mts.

No. Rooms: No. Bathrooms: Levels:

Carretera Internacional Culiacan



Warehouses  in Mazatlan | Warehouses Rentals in Mazatlan.

Find Warehouses in Mazatlan, Tibesa Offers Warehouses Rentals in Mazatlan, of Different Measures and Different Locations, on the International Highway in Exit to Culiacan, New Warehouses For Rent. Of different measures, you can also rent several boards if you need more m2 of space with a height of 8 meters with a high bench for unloading the trailer, without traffic problems to get to and from the city. of heavy trucks or trailers, located near Mazabastos and fruit central, where you will find logistics warehouses of several well-known brands, such as the Ley self-service store, Coppel, Aca Shopping Centers, with several main routes for distribution in the city, from easy access, such as international highway, avenida perez escoboza, libramiento 3, avenida luis donaldo colocio, connection to marina mazatlan etc.


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Address: Carretera Internacional Culiacan