Agricultural Land 24 Hectares

Agricultural Land 24 Hectares
$ 8,400,000 MXN

$ 35 MXN x m2

Land: 240,000 m2

Front: 200 mts. Background:1200 mts.

Habalito del Tubo



Agricultural Land 24 Hectares Mazatlán.


Agricultural Land Sales Mazatlan | Agricultural Land for Sales of 24 hectares, Investors interested in Investing in Agricultural Projects in Mazatlán, Near the shunt of water supply siqueros, from where this property is supplied, electric power in adjoining land. It is adjacent to the Guadalajara, Durango and Culiacan highway junction. Take advantage of the Opportunity price since it is located in the area where the irrigation canals of the picacho dam authorized by the President of Mexico Lic. Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, with the capital gain generated upon completion of that work. and the vicinity of Mazatlán, for the distribution of its agricultural products. Located in the irrigation district of the picacho dam that will cover more than 24,000 hectares in the Mazatlan area, with easy access and where you can plant a wide variety of vegetables, or if you prefer fruit trees such as mango, avocado, or build greenhouses in said property, with the advantage of being close to Mazatlán, and its commercialization channels for its agricultural products that it sows, or to make its ranch and raise different species of animals and additionally have its garden and organic products.



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Address: Habalito del Tubo