Agricultural land in Mazatlán: 24 hectares near Habalito del Tubo | Take advantage of this unique opportunity

Habalito del Tubo

$ 8,400,000 MXN

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Land: 240,000 m2

35 MXN x m2

Front: 200 mts. Background:1200 mts.



Agricultural Land in Mazatlan.


Unique opportunity! Acquires a 24-hectare agricultural land in Mazatlán, near the Habalito del Tubo and with direct access to the bypass from Villa Unión to Mazatlán. This land is strategically located near the Siqueros diversion, which makes it an ideal option for your agricultural project.

"Agricultural land in Mazatlán: An investment with great potential"

Imagine all the possibilities that this 24-hectare piece of land can offer you. With a large area available, you will be able to develop your agricultural venture efficiently and profitably. Grow your produce in a conducive environment, surrounded by natural beauty and with access to major transportation routes.

"Strategic location and accessibility in Mazatlán"

The privileged location of this land guarantees a fast and convenient connection through the bypass from Villa Unión to Mazatlán. In addition, its proximity to Habalito del Tubo will allow you to take advantage of this agricultural area recognized for its fertility and productive potential.

"Grow your products in a privileged environment"

Not only that, being close to the Siqueros diverter gives you the opportunity to access the necessary water resources for your crops in an efficient and sustainable manner. Enjoy a constant and reliable water supply to optimize your production processes.

"Direct access to important transportation routes"

Whether you are looking to expand your existing farm business or start a new project, this farm land in Mazatlán provides you with the ideal conditions. Take advantage of the breadth of available space and grow a variety of products in a favorable and strategic environment.

Do not miss this investment opportunity. This 24-hectare agricultural land is an acquisition that can make a difference in your business. Act now and take advantage of all the advantages that this land has to offer!

Contact us today and secure your place in this privileged agricultural environment in Mazatlán. Dont miss the opportunity to grow your agricultural project on this land with exceptional characteristics!









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Address: Habalito del Tubo