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Avenida Carlos Canseco

$ 7,000,000 USD

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Land: 23,185.21 m2

301.917 USD x m2

Front: 76 mts. Background:305.07 mts.



Commercial Land in Marina Mazatlan: Last investment opportunities!

Explore our selection of commercial land in the Mazatlán marina. Ideal for investors and companies. Contact us today! Land in Mazatlán marina | Sale of Land in Mazatlán Marina Tibesa offers Commercial Land for Commercial and / or Residential development of 23,185.21 m2

¿Why invest in commercial land in the Mazatlán marina?

Mazatlán is a popular tourist destination in Mexico, with a vibrant and ever-growing marina. The Mazatlán marina is an ideal place to invest in commercial land, since it is an area in constant evolution and growth. Commercial land in the Mazatlán marina offers a wide range of options for investors and companies interested in establishing themselves in this area. The Mazatlán marina is known for its relaxed atmosphere and open-air lifestyle, which makes it an ideal place for marketing products and services related to tourism, gastronomy, and entertainment. In addition, with a wide range of facilities and services, the Mazatlán marina is the perfect place to develop high-quality commercial properties.

Land in the Mazatlán marina with extensive investment options

There are many reasons why investing in commercial land in the Mazatlán marina is a good idea. Firstly, the marina is a popular tourist destination, which means that there are a large number of tourists and residents who visit the area on a regular basis. In addition, the marina is a constantly growing area, with new developments and ongoing projects. Another reason why investing in commercial land in the Mazatlán marina is a good idea is that the area is highly accessible. It is close to the city of Mazatlán, with easy access to highways and major airports. This means that it is easy for companies and investors to come to the area and establish themselves there. In conclusion, if you are looking for an investment opportunity in commercial land in a destination that is constantly growing and developing, the Mazatlán marina is the perfect place for you. Browse our selection of commercial land in the Mazatlán marina and contact us for more information on investing in this vibrant and ever-evolving area.

Sale of Land Mazatlan.

Tibesa offers Commercial Land, for Commercial, or Mixed Housing and Commercial developments, in Marina Mazatlan, Commercial or Hotel, for Real Estate developers, Investors, Near Golf Courses, Schools, Shopping Centers, Hotels, Schools, Convention Center. Banks, Marina, etc., In addition, you can build schools, restaurants, corporate buildings, office buildings, hospitals, medical centers, in the best area of ​​Mazatlan, and where the new commercial and housing development of Mazatlan is taking place. Magnificent Land for your Commercial project to be developed in the commercial area with the highest demand and the highest capital gain in Mazatlan, take advantage of and invest in this Commercial Land and be part of the real estate boom in the area and in Mazatlan.

Land for sale in Mazatlán, marina area

Located on Avenida Carlos Canseco, close to hospitals, commercial area, adjacent to El Cid subdivision, which is a first class private subdivision with a golf course and marina, next to the Club Real Coto subdivision, close to shopping centers. , hotels, restaurants, marina jetty, convention center, hotels, self-service stores, with a lot of traffic all day.



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Address: Avenida Carlos Canseco