"Mazatlán Land in Club Real! Find your Ideal Refuge"

Cerrada del Erizo

$ 3,550,000 MXN

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Land: 413.99 m2

8,575.086 MXN x m2

Front: 9.42 mts. Background:23.5 mts.



"Mazatlán Land: Build your Home in Paradise"

Housing Land in Club Real of 413,985 m2, near the pool area, a house in between, with a common area in front,

Finding the perfect place to build the home of your dreams is a crucial task, and our Mazatlán lots offer a unique opportunity to create a custom sanctuary. With prime locations near beautiful beaches and a vibrant coastal city, these lands will allow you to build the residence your  always wanted.

Main features:

Dream Location: Our lots are located in Mazatlán, a world class destination with golden sand beaches and warm weather year round. Imagine waking up every morning with the sea breeze and enjoying spectacular sunsets from your new home.

Space and Freedom: Each home lot at Club Real has enough space to create a personalized oasis that reflects your lifestyle and preferences. From extensive gardens to elegant swimming pools, the possibilities are endless.

First Class Amenities: When you purchase land at Club Real, you will also gain access to the clubs exclusive amenities, such as tennis courts, world-class golf courses, and recreational areas for the whole family.

"Safe Investment: Housing Lot in Club Real"

The purchase of a housing lot in Club Real is more than acquiring land; it is a safe and promising investment for the future. With the continued growth and development of Mazatlán, these lands have the potential to increase in value over time, giving you an excellent opportunity to earn significant returns.

Reasons to consider this investment:

Growing Demand: Mazatlán is an increasingly popular tourist and retirement destination among nationals and internationals. The growing demand for property in this region ensures that your investment will be highly desirable to potential buyers in the future.

Booming Development: Infrastructure and urban development in Mazatlán are constantly growing. By investing in a housing lot in Club Real, you will be strategically positioning yourself to benefit from the progress of the area.

Exclusivity and Prestige: Club Real is an exclusive and prestigious community in Mazatlán, which adds value to your investment. Owning a property in this area will give you a sense of distinction and accomplishment.

"Discover your Personal Paradise at Club Real"

Can you imagine living in a personal paradise, surrounded by natural beauty and exceptional amenities? Club Real in Mazatlán is the place where your dreams of an idyllic lifestyle come true. Discover why this place is the perfect refuge for those who seek a life of luxury and tranquility.

Benefits of living in Club Real:

Unparalleled Coastal Living: With the beach just minutes from your door, you can enjoy water activities, shore walks, and the relaxing sea breeze whenever you want.

Unmatched Golf Experience: Golf lovers will find a paradise on earth at Club Real, with expertly designed golf courses that offer panoramic views and exciting challenges.

Upscale Residential Community: Club Real is more than a place to live; is a vibrant, close knit community where relationships flourish and shared experiences create unforgettable memories.

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Address: Cerrada del Erizo