Land in Ventas Mazatlan, In Front of Via Ferrocarril

Land in Ventas Mazatlan, In Front of Via Ferrocarril
$ 307,288,821 MXN

$ 350 MXN x m2

Land: 877,968.06 m2

Front: 772.11 mts. Background:694.15 mts.

Sinaloa E–17



Industrial Land in Mazatlan | Mazatlan land.

Industrial Land in Mazatlan | Mazatlan Industrial Land Sales, Located in front of the airport, Adjacent to the Isla de la Piedra Highway, The best land to build in Mazatlan, For Development of Industrial Buildings, Warehouses, in the Mazatlan Industrial Park, facing the railway line, and with water front of the Navigation channel in Mazatlan, Land for Development of Industrial Parks for builders, Real Estate Developers and Investors in Industrial Parks, for import and export roads and railways, maritime and air communication routes. With a land area of ​​669607.59 m2, if we need additional land adjacent to this land we have the option of getting them, Develop the Industrial Park in Mazatlán and be part of the growth that is taking place in Mazatlán with the different projects, such as aerospace park in the north and south the connection of Mazatlán via rail with cities of Durango, Torreon, Monterrey, Tamaulipas, United States and Winnipeg Canada, Find Industrial Land in Mazatlán in Real Estate Tibesa.




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Address: Sinaloa E–17