Land for sale in Comondú Baja California South

Land for sale in Comondú Baja California South
$ 6,300,000,000 MXN

$ 10 MXN x m2

Land: 630,000,000 m2

Front: 3000 mts. Background:210000 mts.

Baja California Sur



Mexico Beachfront Lands | Beachfront Lands in Mexico


Beach Land Sale in Mexico, 63,000 hectares with 3 Kilometers of Beach, ideal for development of a large resort, with cimarron lamb, minerals, etc. The coastal area where the most beautiful beaches in the world, located in the Sea of Cortez, considered as the natural jewel, as I point out the French oceanographer Jacques Cousteau, thats why I call it the largest aquarium in the world, where there is a lot Of marine species of great economic and natural value. Excellent for developing high level tourism projects. Price $ 2 USD per square meter.


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Address: Baja California Sur