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Rafael Buelna

$ 131,482,400 MXN

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Land: 16,435.3 m2

8,000 MXN x m2

Front: 95.55 mts. Background:172.01 mts.



Land for Sale in Mazatlán - Find Yours Today!

If you are looking for land for sale in Mazatlán, you are in the right place! On this page, you will find the best selection of land in Mazatlán with different characteristics so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs and tastes.

The Best Land in Mazatlán with Front Carretera Internacional and Rafael Buelna

Land for sale in Mazatlan | Land of 16,435.30 m2 for Sale in Mazatlán on the corner of Rafael Buena and international highway in Mazatlán, More information. If what you are looking for is a piece of land with a spectacular view of Carretera Internacional and Avenida Rafael Buelna, you are in the right place! In our selection of land for sale in Mazatlán, we have several options with impressive views of Carretera Internacional and Avenida Rafael Buelna. With a lot of traffic 24 hours a day, close to car dealerships, shopping centers and auto service stores, hospitals, schools, truck stations,

Acquire your Land in a Subdivision in Mazatlán

Are you looking for a safer and more private option to acquire your land in Mazatlán? Subdivisions are an excellent option. Here you will find land in exclusive and safe subdivisions in different areas of Mazatlán.

¿Why is Mazatlán the Perfect Place to Acquire a Land?

Mazatlán is one of the most popular destinations in Mexico to acquire land. The city has a privileged location on the Pacific coast and offers a wide variety of entertainment, culture and gastronomy options. In addition, the city has a constantly growing economy and an environment of security and stability.

¿How to Choose the Best Land in Mazatlán for You?

When choosing land in Mazatlán, it is important to consider your needs and preferences. Are you looking for a land with ocean views? Or do you prefer land in an exclusive subdivision? If you want to invest in land to develop a commercial or residential center, it is also important to consider your budget and your plans for the future. In our selection of land for sale in Mazatlán, you will surely find the one that best suits you!

Explore the Best Land Purchase Opportunities in Mazatlan.

Tibesa Offers Land for Sale in Mazatlán | Located on Carretera Internacional and Rafael Buelna, two of the avenues with the highest traffic in the city, with a land area of ​​16,435.30 m2, ideal for a shopping center or mixed commercial and residential use, "For more information send whatsapp (669) 155-7199 or to the email info@tibesarealty.com.mx”

Take advantage of Land Sales in Mazatlán! | Characteristics:

The lands surface; 16,435.30 m2, corner of Avenida Rafael Buelna and Carretera Internacional

Front: 113.40 Meters

Bottom: 200 Meters

Find your Ideal Property - Sale of Land in Mazatlan

Excellent Location of Land for sale in Mazatlan, located in a commercial area, close to shopping centers, Plaza Ley, Walt Mart, Ford Agency, Kia, Colegio Ico, Mazatlan International Highway, being one of the most important entrances of Mazatlan, of people who arrive from the north of Mazatlán, Culiacan, as well as neighboring towns, such as people coming from the Mazatlán airport, as well as Durango, Tepic and Guadalajara, 5 minutes from the Mazatlán Hotel Zone, 10 minutes from Marina Mazatlán, near of Hospitals, such as Home sports stores, office sports, Soriana, etc., Tibesa Offers different types of Land in Mazatlan, for Commercial, Housing developments, of different sizes, from 2,000 m2, up to 1000 hectares,

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Address: Rafael Buelna