"Land for sale in Mazatlán | Culiacán Highway | Dream beaches!"

Kilómetro 38 Autopista Mazatlán a Culiacán

$ 98,401,544.8 USD

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Land: 9,840,154.48 m2

10 USD x m2

Front: 6000 mts. Background:5080 mts.



Beaches Land for Sale Mazatlan | Land for sale Playas Mazatlan




Land Beaches in Mazatlan


Beach Land for Sales in Mazatlan, Excellent Beach Land for Sales Mazatlan, located 38 kilometers from the city of Mazatlan. with 6 kilometers of beaches in Mazatlan, facing the Mazatlan-Culiacan highway, in this area they plan to build the New Port of Mazatlan, facing a railway line which will unite Mazatlan, Durango, Coahuila, Monterrey, the West of United States and Canada.


Land for sale Playas Mazatlan: Located near Dimas station


The land has an area of ​​984-01-54 Hectares, 9,840,154.48 m2 which is crossed by the railway near the beach, ideal for the development of a fiscal area, industrial park, warehouse development, for shipping and receiving shipments. from asia and mexico to the east of the united states and canada, with which the transfer of merchandise would be faster and cheaper and vice versa, the project is led by caxxo group, where they will invest around $3,700,000,000.00 million dollars, and with the construction of the section of railway that will link mazatlan with durango, the rest of the roads already exist, up to winnepeg canada, only about 230 kilometers of roads remain to be built.


Land Beaches Mazatlan


Be part of the real estate investors to join this project which will be the second largest port in all of America, just below the port of Long Beach in Los Angeles, take advantage of this excellent opportunity and acquire this land that has an excellent price.

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Address: Kilómetro 38 Autopista Mazatlán a Culiacán