Mazatlan Condominiums For Sale front Marine

 Mazatlan Condominiums For Sale front Marine
$ 2,650,000 MXN

$ 37,323.944 MXN x m2

Land: 71 m2

Front: 6 mts. Background:11.83 mts.

No. Rooms: No. Bathrooms: Levels:

camaron sabalo



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Mazatlan Condominium | Condominium For Sale Mazatlan, Real Estate Tibesa invites you to Take Advantage of this Excellent Opportunity for Sales of Condominiums in Mazatlán, Pre-sale in Marina Mazatlán, the area with the highest growth and capital gain, Located on Camaron Sabalo avenue in Marina Mazatlan, with excellent views of the Marina entrance, as well as well as the El Cid golf course, Take advantage of this Investment Opportunity in Condominiums in Mazatlan, Immediate Delivery of Condominiums in Mazatlan, Sinaloa, Mexico. It has 2 bedroom condos, nearby amenities, shopping centers, Marina, Hotels, Golf courses 2, Gym, Restaurants, Night Clubs, Yacht rentals for walks and fishing, beaches, Banks, Gas stations, Convention center, Self-service stores , Schools, Cafeterias, Pool.



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Address: camaron sabalo