Land 25 Hectares industrial park For Sale in Mazatlan

Land 25 Hectares industrial park For Sale in Mazatlan
$ 64,327,860 MXN

$ 250 MXN x m2

Land: 257,311.44 m2

Front: 2573.11 mts. Background:100 mts.

Habalito del tubo


Industrial Land for Sales in Mazatlan | Industrial Land for Sale Mazatlán.  



Land 25 Hectares Mazatlan industrial park, Industrial Land for sale in Mazatlan, in Habalito del tube land of opportunity, Industrial Land for Sale in Mazatlan, In the Mazatlan industrial park, it is crossed by high voltage towers of the federal electricity commission, which In the future it will be an avenue that will be opened to connect with the international highway, likewise the exploitation of stone from the hill can be used for the construction industry, to go urbanizing the Land to develop lots for industrial buildings. Mazatlan, in the Mazatlan Industrial Park, Adjacent to Future Avenue and Highway to Habalito del Tubo in Mazatlan, Ideal for Industrial Warehouses, Warehouses, between Mazatlan and Rafael Buelna Airport in Mazatlan. Industrial Land,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             


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Address: Habalito del tubo