Charro Canvas Lands

Charro Canvas Lands
$ 15,147,000 MXN

$ 750 MXN x m2

Land: 20,196 m2

Front: 126 mts. Background:168 mts.

Gral. Francisco Villa 404


Land for sale Villa Unión near the charro canvas. Investment opportunity, Villa Union Land, 20,000 m2 at an excellent price, for housing development, warehouses, etc. It has two street fronts, Near Mazatlan, an influx of many people from the neighboring towns of the place that is the commercial center of they. Find Land Sales Mazatlán in Tibesa Real Estate, of different sizes, for your real estate developments or real estate investments Mazatlán, be part of the Mazatlán real estate boom and take advantage of the different infrastructure projects to be carried out, for example the irrigation channels of the picacho dam with it They will detonate agricultural production so that storage centers and vegetable conservation centers will be needed, which is why this land is a good investment to be made.


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Address: Gral. Francisco Villa 404